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Telecommunication Jobs

People with telecommunication jobs keep devices that use communication signals, such as telephones and internet routers functioning. They help connect people to each other with communication services and connect people to the internet with routers and wireless technology services. The telecommunications industry uses both mechanical and computer programming skills.

What You Do in a Telecommunication Job

The skills required for a telecommunication job vary depending on the field of work. The main fields are:

  • Repair and maintenance
  • Software and development
  • Administrative and management

A telecommunications equipment installer and repairer has a median salary of $53,380. They repair and maintain communications and install routing for phone lines. Often they work for businesses and install communications equipment throughout the facilities, but they can also work for individuals and install phones and internet routers in their homes. They often need to be able to demonstrate and explain how the device works to their client.

Those in the software and development field, such as wireless engineers, work primarily with wireless telecommunications. They write code and develop software for phone applications. They also troubleshoot and test their software and seek to constantly improve cell phone functions.

An administrative telecommunication job provides technical assistance in communications-related tasks. They review products and check for efficiency and errors. They may develop pricing for devices and services and be in charge of budgets for production.

What You Need for Telecommunication Jobs

Almosttelecommunication jobs require a bachelor's degree, with focuses on electronics, telecommunication and computer networking. Common postsecondary programs include:

  • Data transmission systems
  • Data communication
  • AC/DC electrical circuits
  • Computer programming

Those in these jobs will also receive on-the-job-training for that company's product. This training may lead to certification. People in the telecommunications industry who develop software, repair devices and install equipment continue taking classes and certifications to stay up to date on new systems and technology.

Telecommunication is how people access and use the internet, wireless technology, and connecting to each other. Job seekers in this industry enjoy continuing certification and education and working with state-of-the-art technology.

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